The My Fit Foods “21 Day Challenge” Review

I’ve always had a problem keeping a steady weight. I exercise enough, but usually the problem is that I can’t control what I eat as much as I’d like. Food is too delicious, and I’m always chasing that “full stomach” dragon. Unfortunately, when you eat too much consistently, your body expands your stomach for you, so that it takes more and more food to feel full (which makes weight gain super easy!). Portion control is king in the realm of weight loss, and once you’ve slipped down the path of needing way too much food to feel full, and you always crave that feeling, it’s hard to come back.

My Fit Foods LogoEnter “My Fit Foods.”

This company is only a few years old, and started out in a very simple way: A personal trainer at a gym realized that 80% of weight loss comes from what you eat. He started by providing healthy meals for a few clients, and after a while was feeding most of the people at the gym, and then eventually partnered with someone to start an actual company and open a store. A few years later, there are over 35 stores nationwide, with more to come.

The beauty of the meals at My Fit Foods is that they are all completely natural, whole foods, with no additives to make you “feel full” or anything. None of their foods have preservatives, so you can be sure that your meal was freshly prepared in your city within the past few days (they all have expiration dates of 4-5 days). I’ve looked at many other diets, including NutriSystem, and the food just sounds plain yucky.

Not so with My Fit Foods. Almost every meal I’ve had there has been delicious (and the ones I didn’t like were for simple reasons, for instance not liking salmon in general when my dinner included it). I was also considering doing the Master Cleanse again, as I’d done it before. Although, I realized that the Master Cleanse didn’t actually teach me any healthy eating habits, which is a cornerstone of the 21 day challenge.

How I heard about My Fit Foods: One of my friends had tried My Fit Foods for herself, and she brought an extra meal for me to try. The food was pretty good, and I felt full afterwards, but the most surprising thing was the calories. It was only 350 calories or so, for a full lunch. At a restaurant, you’d be lucky to find a side dish with less than 350 calories (For instance, at many restaurants, the burgers or chicken sandwiches alone are 500-800 calories a piece. And you might be surprised to find out that most packets of salad dressing are over 200 calories each at many restaurants).

My Fit Foods Lemon Turkey

Lemon Turkey with Rice – Typical high-protein meal common with My Fit Foods

So after going to My Fit Foods and buying a few meals for me and my wife, I took them home and she was also surprised at how delicious and low calorie the meals were. We both decided we could afford to eat healthier and possibly lose some weight (she was pretty skinny at 135 though, and I was pretty chunky at 220). The one thing that concerned us was the price. Estimated costs (in 2012) were $550 for females and $650 for males. We looked at our bank statements, and did some math, and realized we were already spending $1200+ per month on restaurants and groceries. So while we would be spending $1200 for only 3 weeks, we decided the extra cost was going to be worth it in the long run.

One other thing that helped with the cost was that My Fit Foods has a cash bonus program if you open an “account” with them and place a large deposit in it. As of this writing, if you placed $500 in an account you’d get a 5% bonus, $1000 was 10% and $1500 was 15%. So we placed $1500 in our My Fit Foods account, and got an extra $225 (about 5 days worth of meals for both of us). This would allow me to continue coming to My Fit Foods after I had already finished the 21 day challenge, and pick up whatever meals I want (yes the food is so good that I would eat it when I’m not on the 21-day challenge).

Before we put all that money down, we went in for a free consultation appointment. I called and they scheduled us for the next day. The dietitian went over a bunch of basics about health, and a lot of things that I didn’t really know. She explained that there was a “Glycemic Index” for food, and judging from the index, we had been eating way too many high-GI foods. The glycemic index basically measures how fast food will be processed by your body, from my understanding. This is one reason that you can get a “sugar rush” and then a “sugar crash.” Your body can process sugar very quickly, which gives you an energy boost, but then once the sugar runs out, all of the sudden you’re pretty dang tired.

My Fit Foods Americano Breakfast

Americano Breakfast – Steak, Eggs, and Potatoes (Delicious, by the way)

Most breads (including flour tortillas and most anything with white flour) are pretty high on the glycemic index. Woops. While these foods are okay in small doses, unfortunately most meals in America and many other developed countries nowadays grab many, if not most, of their calories from simple carbs like white bread, baguettes, or flour tortillas. This is one reason why My Fit Foods has very low GI meals. The meals are designed to keep your energy level up and steady throughout the day, which helps to boost your metabolism. This will let you burn more calories, while eating less calories than normal, thus help you with any weight loss goals you have.

The consultation also went over exercise regimens. Exercise is critical if you really want to kick your weight loss and healthy habits into overdrive. I decided I would try to go running at least 3-4 times a week, and try to visit the gym 2-3 times a week for weightlifting (about twice the exercise I normally do). My wife set some lofty workout goals of her own, which involved much more exercise than she had been doing at the present.

After our appointment was over, we set up our first “pickup day,” which happens twice a week (to make sure your food is fresh).

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