There are many different variations to the push-up, but also some basic rules that each push-up variation must follow. Step 1: Lay down on your stomach Lay down on your stomach. Simple, right? Step 2: Put your arms in the lifting position. This varies depending on which type of push up you are doing. Check… [Continue Reading]


Would you like to increase the calories you burn while running or jogging? Interval sprints might be the answer you’ve been searching for. What are interval sprints? Interval sprints are pretty much what they sound like. You simply sprint full out (100% speed) for a set amount of time (an interval) and then take a… [Continue Reading]


Week 1: The first week that my wife and I tried My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge turned out to be quite successful! We were surprised at how delicious and filling each meal was. I wasn’t hungry throughout the entire day, like I thought I’d be, eating so few calories. There really is an amazing… [Continue Reading]

My Fit Foods

I’ve always had a problem keeping a steady weight. I exercise enough, but usually the problem is that I can’t control what I eat as much as I’d like. Food is too delicious, and I’m always chasing that “full stomach” dragon. Unfortunately, when you eat too much consistently, your body expands your stomach for you,… [Continue Reading]

My Fit Foods

What is the “freshman 15″? The “freshman 15″ (or freshmen 5,  freshman 10, freshman 20, or freshman 30, yikes!) is simply a name for the almost-inevitable weight gain that happens when a student graduates from high school and moves on to college.

French Fries